All about blade style | Online Knife Show Guide

Sep 2nd 2019

All about blade style | Online Knife Show Guide

Are you looking for your first blade or next blade and wondering which blade style you should invest in. Well you came to the right place. Below are few of the top designs out there. Hope this will make it easy for your next project knife.

  1. Drop Point Knife
  2. This blade design is most popular among everyday carriers. It features a convex blade from the spine to the tip of the knife. It has a utilitarian profile and provides a versatile stabbing strikes. When considering a knife maker that has affordable designs, you must consider Tac Force Knives. They are cheap and affordable. Plus they carry unique and cool knives.

  3. Clip Point Knife
  4. The Clip Point Blade is usually featured by custom knife makers and is sometimes synonymous in style to drop point blade. However, it has a unique concave curve to the top of the tip. We suggest these beautifully crafted Elk Ridge Ballistic Knives. They carry some good outdoor folding knives.

  5. Tanto Knife
  6. For any task that requires a tactical advantage, you need a tanto knife. It provides immense penetration power and will not let you down. With edge that resonate strength, you can overcome any obstacle. Mtech Knives is a brand that comes to mind when we think about tactical tanto knives. They are not only cheap on the money but provides unique aesthetic features.

  7. Spear Point Knife
  8. Thought these are mainly featured on stiletto knives. These blades provide a well controlled slicing advantage. Most users prefer this blade due to dual sharp edges that can be vital in terms of force through tough cutting spots.

  9. Curved Hawkbill Knife
  10. Mostly common among karambit knives. This design originates from the villages of Indonesia. Mostly, these blades were carried by farmers as tool for daily use and self defense. The curved blade has become quite popular among modern knife users.