Cute Colorful Pocket Knife | Add Decorative Knife Set To Your Collection

Posted by Online Knife Show on May 27th 2020

Cute Colorful Pocket Knife | Add Decorative Knife Set To Your Collection

Now we all know that there is no comparison to the color black. Whether it is a new set of knife or a pair of shoes, black is the predominant choice of color. But, sometimes we just need of a bit of color in our lives to bring back that vibrant energy back into the air. That is why we are listing some of the most elegant and neatly crafted multi colored pocket knives.

Whether you are in need for a new everyday carry knife or need a blade to company you on your next outdoor adventure, we are sure that you will find something that suits your personality and character. A blade that is sharp will get the job done. However, a decorative knife will fulfill the inner need of creativity.

We The People Etched Knife By Mtech Knives

We The People Decorative Knife

July fourth is around the corner and with constitution giving citizens the right to carry knife. What better way to show your appreciation to the beauty of our blessed country? This knife is an exemplary design and features an imprint of American Flag on the handle.

Gold Folding Knife Tanto Blade

Gold Colored Pocket Knife

Now if you truly want an exceptional colored pocket knife, this sharp gold knife is a must buy. With a nicely carved Tanto blade this spring assisted knife will open with smooth action. The handle is made of a high quality ABS material and groves provide a solid grip. Slightly heavy compared to a regular pocket knife; This tactical huntsman gold knife is a beauty.

Rainbow Huntsman Knife

How can we not mention the most often desired multi colored knife: The Rainbow Knife. Fixed blade knife provides that extra power that a folding knife can not match. This Huntsman Rainbow Knife features a 8.5 inch total length and comes with a nylon sheath. The stainless steel is vibrant and polished. 

Scorpion Red Knife

Get Stinged? No just kidding! Get a cut? Ok enough with boring jokes! Consider it a new edition for your knife set. Look at this sharply crafted handle. Snake Eye is known for creating quality affordable blades, and this red scorpion claw knife beauty can not be praised enough. It can be deployed using the assisted opening mechanism. 

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