Pocket Knives

You can never go wrong with a pocket knife. Whether you are a collector who is looking to add a new tactical pocket knife or maybe you are looking to get your girl something pretty to keep on her for self defense. The use if knives are endless. Here at Online Knife Show, we carry all sort of designs and style of pocket knives.

Pocket Knives are those knives that have their blade mainly inside of the handle. Even though, there are some new designs that are frameless or has partial handle, you will see some of those beautiful pieces here as well. But mainly the blade is hidden between upper and lower handle. They open with the help of thumb stud on the blade or an extended tang blade. Opens 180 degree and locks it self with the help locking mechanism of the knife. Pocket knife is meant to be light weight, small and easy to carry, hence the term, edc pocket knife.

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